Custom metal stamping, Copper Electroplating and Wire EDM Services

Welcome to the Be Cu Manufacturing Compay, Inc. website. We are a precision metal stamping company located in Scotch Plains, NJ. Be-Cu produces a wide variety of precision metal stampings and value added secondary processes such as plating, heat treating and assembly.

Be Cu provides its customers with total service - from prototype engineering assistance to finishing operations. We are committed to providing our internal and external customers with products that consistently meet or exceed their demand.
Precision Metal Stamping, Bruderer stamping machine

Metal Stamping

Be Cu is a full service contract manufacturer of precision metal stampings and assemblies for the aerospace, aircraft, medical, electronic, automotive, military, defense, telecommunications, and rail industries. We produce items such as:

stamping list of items • Contacts
• Springs
• Washers
• Clips
• Shims

Copper Electroplating, plating operation

Copper Plating

Electroplating is an integral and important part of our manufacturing process.
Be Cu handles plating competently and creatively, in keeping with it's overall emphasis on quality. That well-earned reputation translates into important benefits for your company

plating finishes Gold Plating Services
• Silver plating
• Tin plating
• Copper plating
• Nickel plating
• Cadmium plating

Wire EDM, EDM Machine

Wire EDM

Our AGIE WIRE EDM allows us to give you:

Wire EDM advantages • Complex Geometry
• Fast Turnaround
• Work in all Metals
• Prototypes to Production
• Precision Tool & Die Components
assembly work


Instead of sending components to various subcontractors for specialized steps, you can reduce lead time, maintain tighter control and superior quality through a single source. Our assembley capabilities include:

Assembly services • Soldering
• Welding
• Riveting and staking
• Cementing
• Screwing and bolting
• Ultrasonic plastic welding

Where can You Find a Company Who Does Their Own Copper Electroplating & Wire EDM? Don’t be fooled by companies who claim they make the best products, because not all do their own copper electroplating and not all make their own wire EDM. A company who can make and do these things is a company that is unique. It is a company that will save the consumer time and money. When you want custom metal stamping you want it for a specific reason, so go with a company that can take on any custom job and still give you the best possible product.

Choose Your Precision Stamping, Copper Electroplating, with Great Care – Your ‘Brand New Job’ Could Depend on It. There are companies who do Precision Metal Stamping, but then there are companies that lead the industry. A company that has helped other companies complete projects in space and deep-sea exploration is a stamping company that can help in just about any stamping situation. Your Company Needs ‘Our’ Company when it comes to Copper Electroplating, Custom Metal Stamping and More.

If you are looking for Precision Metal Stamping, Wire EDM & Copper Electroplating, we are your number 1 choice. We provide Custom Metal Stamping & Gold Plating Services. Call about our Metal Stamping Shop and about Beryllium Copper Plating & Wire Edm Aluminum!

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